444 Days: Healing from Infidelity

I wanted to repost this so those who find their way here might find 444 Days: Healing from Infidelity

There are, you guessed it, 444 posts. That's about the length of time it took for Ann and me to journey through the bulk of our affair recovery. With that, know that the learning and growing never stops. Below is the intro to it. 

Clink here to see the outline and links to all 444 posts

This series is designed for couples dealing with infidelity to read on a daily basis. There will be 444 posts. If someone wants to read through them more quickly that is great. I'm glad you have such a thirst for healing and knowledge. Even if you read through it all in a few sittings I encourage you to come back and take them in on a daily basis.  

May these readings bring hope and healing to your hurting hearts. May it help guide you in the rawness of your soul to the truth and depth of God's word and his deep, deep love and acceptance of you. May your marriage be healed and may you discover a deeper glory in the soul of your spouse.  

Betrayed and Betrayer: Rescuing your marriage after the affair by Ben and Ann Wilson